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All Pack

RM999.00Approximately: ~USD209.79
  1. 1 x eyeAG+
  2. 1 x Fittus
  3. 1 x Lash Essence
  4. 1 x Hair Essence
  5. 1 x E-ssential
  6. 1 x V+
  7. 3 x Be Pass
  8. 1 x Shaker

Ambassador Bundle

RM1,037.76Approximately: ~USD0.00
Any 6 Unit

Be Pass x1

RM49.00Approximately: ~USD10.29

Beauty Pack

RM549.00Approximately: ~USD115.29
  1. 1 x Lash Essence
  2. 1 x Hair Essence
  3. 1 x E-ssential
  4. 1 x Be Pass

Business Star Partnership Bundle

RM8,800.00Approximately: ~USD1,848.00
Your Current Referral Partners ID : 40 Unit  

Celebrity Bundle

RM1,692.00Approximately: ~USD0.00
Any 10 Unit

Celebrity Star Partnership Bundle

RM888.00Approximately: ~USD186.48
Your Current Referral Partners ID : 1s / Box 5 Boxes

Dear Self Sticker Pack

RM12.90Approximately: ~USD2.71

E-fluencer Online Conference Ticket

RM9.90Approximately: ~USD2.08
《十拿九稳》2天电商学习大会 07 – 08 Dec 2023

E-ssential By Ruvine

RM218.00Approximately: ~USD45.78
3g / sachet 20s / box

Ruvine E-ssential - for better hair, eyes, sleep and emotional comfort!

It contains a high concentration of natural ingredients that comes from plant and fruit extracts, including Rice Germ Extract Polyamine, Biotin B7, FloraGlo Lutein®, Fibersol-2 ™ and other ingredients that derived from natural plant and fruit extracts. Try our Ruvine E-ssential for better sleep today, and unlock the beauty of restful nights!

E-ssential Travel Kit

RM29.90Approximately: ~USD6.28